Founded in 2014, EX NUNC is a curatorial and editorial project that aims to map, analyse and question the theory and practice of performance and performativity. EX NUNC occupies both an on-line and off-line dimension. The former is represented by this website, which is structured as a polyhedral platform for presentation of meaningful material; the latter consists in a series of curatorial interventions taking place in different international locations.

As a research-oriented project, EX NUNC intends to add a relevant contribution to the contemporary discourse about performance-based art. The on-line platform will focus each year on a specific subject-matter, which will be explored across the website's three main sections: curatorial, journal and atlas. 



('from now on' in Latin)... EX NUNC is a space for experimentation, open to performance artists, curators, writers, art historians and everyone in between. 





The curatorial section is meant to be a proper (although digital) exhibition space, in which small curatorial projects will be presented. The artists invited to take part into the programme of on-line exhibitions will engage directly with the year’s topic, and with the virtual space that EX NUNC website represents. The selected artists will ideate original pieces, or will rethink/reshape already published works that are able to save their performative nature also when positioned in the virtual, un-physical stage of the Internet. The artists are encouraged to play with multimediality, interaction and clash of image and spoken/written words, in order to had unique and meaningful contributions to EX NUNC curatorial and theoretical pathway.

_ journal


The journal represents EX NUNC favourite space for reflection and critical survey into the year’s topic. This section will be periodically updated with the publication of relevant theoretical material, produced either by internal and external contributors. 




This section is inspired by Aby Warburg’s unfinished work Bilderatlas Mnemosyne,  which has to be considered an attempt to map different pathways through which art history finds its meaning(s). We would like to borrow the concept of a visual, metaphoric encyclopaedia, in order to create our own  archive. The reader should not expect a complete record, rather a collection of documents, images, and artists’ works selected according to an affinity with our study. No exact order will be given to the Altas, which will have a fluid and mutable form. Everything we consider relevant and that represents an addition to the current topic will be added on this platform, so to create a personal record, purely based on our research into Performance & Performativity.



EX NUNC continues its activity beyond the digital world, with various curatorial projects to be presented throughout the year. Most of EX NUNC curatorial attempts will be strictly connected to the investigation of the year’s topic, although we are and we will be working on other projects that may be only indirectly linked to the research developed on the on-line platform.


To be constantly informed about EX NUNC curatorial programme and upcoming events, please visit regularly the relevant page on this website.

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