The Pavements Are Paved In Gold

Silent, Overlooked and Burdened

Hej Mister Polis-Man, Please Don't Take My Stuff

You'll Tell Us Again You Don't Want Us Here; We'll Give You The Finger and a Song

Five Muses of the City's Conscience (The Vain)

One Million Homes Project​

The Ballad of Bureaucracy (To Drown on Dry Land)​

But Isn't Sweden Lovely This Time of Year?

The Sixth Muse (Stranger In The Village)

"Tramlines is a 7metre drawing* I made over two monthlong residencies

in Gothenburg, which explored the sense of home and belonging in this city that is known to be very segregated and which is punctuated by tramlines that go from the white affluent centre to the immigrant suburbs. The drawing documents a metaphoric journey on one of these lines, and each section of it has a title that relates to the migrant - or Stranger in the Village - experience. The drawing is accented by a small projection into a drawn camera of footage of a Roma lady singing a sorrowful dirge in the street, and the titles of the parts of the the titles of the parts of the journey are written by hand on the wall below the drawing."



*the images presented above are a selection of details from the original work