This chapter in EXN collaboration with Invernomuto is configured as an expanding platform, open to contributions on and around topics inscribed within the larger framework of Black Med.  In the coming weeks and months we will keep adding to this page, branching out in different trajectories, which will hopefully lead us towards new paths of research and analysis.


The first contribution to be published is an interview with Invernomuto by EXN, in which the artists allow us to better grasp the reasoning behind their intervention within EXN Atlas. To add more to the reflection initiated in the interview, we asked Invernomuto to indicate a suggestion relevant in the formation of Black Med' s most recent developments. They proposed long-term collaborator Mattia Capelletti’s research into the figure of the siren. Capelletti's essay, How the Sirens Lost Their Wings, proposes a reading of the mythological creature, from its ancient Mediterranean origins to broader contemporary socio-aural implications.



A note from EXN:

We are launching EXN Journal-On Black Mediterranean right in the peculiar days of COVID-19 global escalation. Back in 2016, EX NUNC was conceived as an anti-geographical project, which elected the online space as its main field of action. As we all are affected by isolation, confinement and loss in our everyday, offline life, we might find solace in the Internet as a supposedly open agora, where we get together, to conspire, reflect and image alternatives that are no more avoidable.

In our specific case, although we are doing this online, still we are reflecting on and about a real, mappable, body of water, connecting and dividing states and people, affected by concrete ideologies, socio-political and economic behaviours, wounded by (hi)stories recent and past. An enclosed sea traversed by struggles that are still burning as we write. We believe that it is now more than ever important to look at the Mediterranean as one of the territories where our future ways of being, and of being together, are currently taking shape. Our attempt with EXN Journal-On Black Mediterranean is to open up an ever-expanding conversation about realities and imaginations of the Mediterranean, which only departs from these first suggestions given by Invernomuto’s work.


If you want to participate, please get in touch at info@ex-nunc.org

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