Jeannette Ehlers, Black Bullets, still from video. Courtesy of the artist (2012)




In 2014 EX NUNC started its investigation into practices of performativity in art and theory, adopting anti-linear time as central subject of enquiry. After a two-year long research into possibilities and ambitions of the past, Historical Body, we want to keep expanding our focus on temporality with a new topic, a new title, old and new perspectives.


EX NUNC upcoming project, ALL TOMORROW's PARTIES, chooses the yet-to-come and the (never)-about-to-happen, the possible and impossible of tomorrow as stage for cultural and artistic analysis and experimentation. Over the coming months we will give shape to a system of combined interventions, in the form of online/offline exhibitions, public events and publications. We call for the participation of artists and theoreticians who look at Future as a scenario for speculation and creative intervention. As usual, we will pay particular attention to those discourses and artistic outcomes arising beyond the West.


The spirit of playfulness, implied in the research project’s title, shows a precise will to embrace all the possibilities that a futuristic thinking in performative artistic interventions can reveal.. TP will address reality through fiction and vice versa, presenting works that take into account the fractures of sense in the flux of times ahead. This new project aims to address the extreme precariousness of contemporaneity in a way that is at the same time creative and ironic, conciliatory and disruptive, politically engaged and engaging.