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  Black Med is a project by Italian duo Invernomuto. Borrowing the term and first line of enquiry from scholar Alessandra Di Maio, who translates Paul Gilroy’s theory of Black Atlantic from a Southern European perspective, Invernomuto orchestrate a research-grounded performative work, which tries and find the complex identity paths of the Mediterranean sea in the sonic trails crossing it. First presented in the framework of Manifesta 12 The Planetary Garden, Black Med is conceived as an ever-developing project, characterised by a sharp collaborative vocation, which manifests itself through live performances/sonic interventions and with a dedicated online presence –

For EX NUNC Atlas, Invernomuto codify the expansion of a more recent line of investigation within Black Med, proposing a dedicated cluster of new research material. The artists' intervention first opens up within Atlas, as a collection of visual fragments. This expanded archive initiates a kaleidoscopic narration that continues in EXN Journal – On Mediterranean –where the many complexities of the Mediterranean are scrutinised through contributions by invited visual practitioners, theorists, curators, writers.

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