EX NUNC is a curatorial platform devoted to the investigation and promotion of epistemological alternatives to dominant Western canons, via a specifically performative approach.  EXN occupies both an on-line and off-line dimension; the former represented by this website, the latter consisting in a programme of interventions taking place in partnering institutions.

As a research-oriented project, EX NUNC intends to contribute to contemporary discourses on art making and thinking, particularly looking at ways gestures, movements, vibrations intervene in knowledges' construction, transmission and shifting.  ('from now on' in Latin)... EX NUNC is a space for experimentation, open to practitioners, curators, writers, thinkers and everyone in between. 


In late 2019, EX NUNC resumes its activities with a renovated frame of work, and a thematic focus on the topics of Black Mediterranean, which will be explored  throughout the three sections composing EXN’s online platform –Atlas, Journal, Curatorial. 



EXN Lagoon is EX NUNC's digital exhibition space. Invited artists are called to engage with the virtual space of EX NUNC's website, conceiving original pieces, or rethinking/reshaping already published works for the un-physical stage of the internet. Contributors are encouraged to play with multimediality, interaction and clash of images, sounds and spoken/written words, in order to contribute to EX NUNC curatorial and theoretical pathways.



The name of this  section is inspired by Aby Warburg’s unfinished work Bilderatlas Mnemosyne. EX NUNC borrows the idea of a visual, metaphoric, anti-linear catalogue, to build up its own ever-changing, ever-partial archive. Atlas adopts a fluid and mutable form, to showcase scattered collections of suggestions, echoing contributing artists' research. EXN Atlas currently hosts and intervention by Invernomuto.



EX NUNC's space of choice for broader critical survey. This section is periodically updated with the publication of material produced either by internal and external contributors, responding to a specific area of investigation. We are currently engaging in a research around the Mediterranean, which unfolds in EXN Journal - On Black Mediterranean.



EX NUNC expands its activity beyond the digital world, in collaboration with partner institutions. 

   The work of EX NUNC has been supported by cultural and academic institutions such as Goldsmiths College​, The Showroom, Goethe Institut, British Council and Danish Art Foundation, among others.