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  In order to further develop the conversation with fellow researches and artists, and so to make the Open Issue truly open, EX NUNC decided to launch a new call for contributions.


We are seeking for proposals that stem from anachronistic, anti-hierarchical, not linear, post-colonial, queer, performative approaches towards art and history.


Contributions can explore the following topics:


  * performative historiography, gestural investigation of the past;

  * rethinking/dismantling/renegotiating the monument and the monumental;

  * to forget, to remember;

  * negated pasts/presents/futures;

  * the artist as (anti-)historian;

  * performative afterlife of neglected narratives;

  * artistic strategies of commemoration;

  * talking speculative futures;

  * the performance and the memoir;

  * the hidden & the lost;

  * storytelling urge;

  * archival urge, and its refusal;



We invite single-authored as well as joint papers, interviews, reviews of exhibitions and projects analysing the above stated subjects.

We welcome interdisciplinary approaches and any proposal that uses written as well as visual contents, including video, audio and photographic forms.


To submit, send a 500-word max. abstract and CV to:


Deadline: Monday 20 June 2016















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